Frequently Asked Questions & Yoga Etiquette

I have never done yoga and I’m not flexible. What classes can/should I take?

We offer a variety of classes for those new to yoga. Most of our classes are suitable for all levels. But, for your first class try one of our Beginner Yoga classes, YIN and/or our Restorative Flow!

We also understand each person’s needs and goals are different so give just talk with a teacher about your needs (call, email at info@islandwaveyoga.com or stop by the studio). If you are in doubt read the class descriptions to decide what may be best for you.

By the way, the inflexible are especially welcome!

What do I need to practice yoga?

A mat and comfortable clothing. The great thing about yoga is special shoes and equipment are not needed. Your mind and your body are the only equipment. We have mats and props for use for each type of yoga we offer.

I have hip and back injuries. Can I practice yoga?

Absolutely! If you have had surgery or replacements, yoga will help. Additionally, yoga helps relieve other medical conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. Always check with your doctor before beginning any type of physical practice. Visit here for a good article on the benefits of yoga.

Do I have to become a member of the studio?

No. You can pay per class, buy a series or a membership.

Do you offer other classes, other than yoga?

Our yoga dedicated space has a wide variety of classes from vinyasa to restorative, along with meditation, that can meet our students’ mental and physical goals. We also have monthly workshops, retreats, community gatherings and healthy lifestyle expos.

Do you offer yoga gear and/or accessories?

We have a retail section that features yoga and active wear, Manduka mats, and more! At this time we do not have regular retail hours, however you can stop by before or after scheduled class times to shop our retail space.



  • Please be mindful to avoid strong perfume or other smells when coming to yoga class.
  • Plan to arrive 10-15 min before class begins to give yourself time to get situated.
  • If it is your first class plan to arrive 15-20 minutes ahead in order to fill out paperwork.
  • Wear something that is comfortable but not too loose!
  • Try to hold chatter to a minimum in the studio
  • Try to avoid eating a meal before class.
  • Turn off cell phones & remove shoes.
  • Let go of judgment of yourself and others and just be in your practice.
  • Most importantly LISTEN to your body!