1.    What inspired you to start practicing yoga? I worked out all the time and was always getting injured. I knew I needed to stretch so I started taking yoga classes. It helped a lot and I was hooked.

2.    What inspired you to start teaching yoga? I always wanted to teach some type of fitness class but none of them truly called to me until I started with yoga. This practice can be done by anyone and helps EVERYONE.

3.    How do you incorporate yoga off the mat? I am so much more chill.  I allow myself to feel what I am feeling. I breath through my anxiety.  My life was turned upside down since I started yoga, but because I keep at it I am OK.

4.    Do you have a favorite yogi? Baron Baptiste is the yogi that speaks the most to me. Knowing that I am stronger than I know and that I am able to achieve things and still make mistakes rings true to my heart.

5.    What are your hobbies outside of yoga? Skiing, Skiing, & Skiing.  I also love to read work outside & eat.

6.    What are your other jobs outside of teaching yoga? I have a pond maintenance business, I tutor, teach a dance class for little children, and I home school my cherubs.

7.    Other than yoga, what do you do to decompress? Watch Netflix like a fool.

8.    What is your favorite food? Good God.  I love food and my favorite thing changes all the time.

9.    What is your favorite TV Show/Movie? Movies are another of my favorite things but I only like really super good ones.  They have to make you think.  So right now it would be Deadpool.  My favorite show is Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.  I don’t usually watch regular TV.  I have no cable only NETFLIX!!!!!

10.    What do you love MOST about teaching yoga? Making people sweat.  Having people work beyond what they thought they could do or wanted to do.  Helping people touch their toes and find better balance and strength.