We all know resolutions are hard to keep, most of us come up with BIG life-changing ideas for what we’re going to do in the New Year, but by the second month life has taken over again and our resolutions are soon forgotten. That’s why we came up with 10 simple resolutions that you can try for the New Year, but really – any time of year!

1. Set a Different Intention EVERY Day

It can be as simple and easy as TODAY I’ll smile at everyone I pass or TODAY I intend to say something positive and encouraging to 3 people!

2. Turn Off Your Phone During Dinner

This might seem frightening but if only for 20mins of your day you can step away from the devices and enjoy time with family or friends you’ll be amazed at how good it makes you feel!

3. Take a Walk

If you have a furry friend who will join you, great – it’s a win for everyone! But either way, walk anywhere – the beach, the park, your neighborhood or on a treadmill!

4. Write a Letter

In the time of texting and Facebook messaging the art of a handwritten letter has died. Try to make it your resolution to send a note to someone different every month. Maybe a grandparent, parent, sibling or old friend – their heart will be full knowing you took the time just for them!

5. Light Incense or a Candle Each Morning

Okay, this one may seem silly, but if you take a moment every day to light your favorite candle or incense maybe you’ll find those moments can turn into something more. Maybe you take a few minutes to meditate or pray or send gratitude into the universe.

6. Build Awareness Around That Habit You Always Say You’re Going to Quit

This may not be EASY, but it is SIMPLE! We all have those habits we say we’ll quit one day, for some it’s smoking, for others it’s drinking too many sodas, or for many it’s having a negative daily outlook! Whatever it may be, make it resolution to stop doing it! It’s Simple: Each day try to do it less, try to build more awareness about why this habit is not beneficial for your life. Don’t beat yourself up if you slip up and have that Dr. Pepper, just acknowledge that it happened, move on and try again!

7. Eat One Square of Dark Chocolate Per Day

What?! I said to EAT THE CHOCOLATE? Yes…I did. Here’s why…by indulging in a SMALL portion of your FAVORITE treat (maybe it’s not chocolate, maybe it’s a few cubes of cheese or a glass of wine, or both) you are less likely to over-do! Set aside time every day for treating yourself, similar to lighting the candle every morning, and take the time to really taste the treat, mindfully recognizing the texture and taste, enjoying the moment of joy that this brings you – rather than quickly or mindlessly over-indulging on the entire bag of chips – you will find that you feel so much better! And then sometimes you eat the entire bag of chips, half of a pizza and a tub of ice cream – and that’s okay too! It’s all about balance, right?

8. Try A Meatless Monday

This isn’t a statement for vegetarianism or a suggestion that you shouldn’t be eating meat, all we are saying is try something DIFFERENT in the kitchen. Going meatless one day per week forces you to get creative. Typically meat-eaters can’t envision a meal without meat but there’s plenty of fun replacements that are totally worth a try!

9. Have a Daily Dance Party

Got a house full of kids or roommates? Take a dance break. Turn on your favorite jams and dance it out (Grey’s Anatomy’s Meredith Grey Style) you’ll feel light and free by the time the first song ends. Make it a daily activity with the entire household or put on your headphones and rock out solo.

10. STOP Judging Yourself

This is easy, if you let it be! Quit telling yourself you’re too [fill in the blank with some negative word] or picking on yourself for not accomplishing something you had set out to do. You’re awesome and tomorrow is another day!